Hero create award winning services that compete with the best in the world through constant innovation and the development of smart intuitive features. Our founders have significant experience with the development and delivery of VoIP services both in the UK and internationally. Our range of VoIP solutions include Hosted Cloud PBX, our Mobile PBX Apps, SIP Trunking, Microsoft Teams Integration, Pre-configured Handsets, Faxmail, Conferencing and Call Centre solutions. We can also offer International phone numbers from over 50 countries worldwide.

Become an authorised reseller of the Hero products and services and receive the most flexible and generous ongoing commissions in the industry. Here are the main reasons why we think you should start reselling Hero's products and services:

Flexible Plans

At Hero we have listened to feedback from resellers and this is why we have made our offerings as flexible as possible. Resellers can utilise our Flexi Line Bundles if they wish to put their customers on a per-seat pricing structure, or they can opt for account wide bundles if this is preferred. We also offer unlimited calling lines with Microsoft Teams. This allows the reseller to tailor a solution which best meets the needs of the customer as well as maximise the commission payments for the reseller.

Custom Solutions & Billing

At Hero we have a flexible "can do" attitude with our resellers and can help adapt our products to meet our resellers requirements. This means we can implement custom solutions for end customers or customised reports for resellers. We can also assist resellers with complex setting and billing of services such as Microsoft Teams and other "non voice" related services through the customer's Hero Invoice such as Professional Services, Installation and more.

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At Hero we have a flexible "can do" attitude with our reseller partners. Which is why we will always listen to our resellers and work with them to develop products and solutions that they need for their clients. Our focus is continued software development rather than behaving like a traditional 'Telco' and dictating to resellers what they can do. Our passion for VoIP is reflected in our services.

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