Microsoft Teams Integration

Teams is Microsoft’s next generation for unified communications and collaboration. Hero has developed an innovative solution to integrate your phone services with Office 365 and Microsoft Teams using the Direct Routing for Microsoft Teams service. This means you can move some or all of your phone numbers and calling into Teams and fully integrate your phone services with Office 365.

You can also call your existing VoIP phones in parallel with Teams at no extra cost and we provide automatic failover if there were ever issues with your Office 365 account giving you the peace of mind that you will not miss any important calls. Additionally, you can utilise Hero's great value calling bundles and powerful cloud features which can operate outside of Teams saving you money on Microsoft licensing.

Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Hero's Microsoft Teams Integration Product:

SIP & Teams Twinning

We enable you to run your VoIP phones alongside Microsoft Teams so your calls can ring simultaneously on both Teams and your SIP phones. You don't need additional extensions and there are no extra charges. This gives you the flexibility of using Teams or your existing handsets to make calls as well as providing the peace of mind that if there was an issue with your Teams client then you won't miss any calls.

Automatic Failover

You can also choose to automatically failover calls to any other phone number in the event where your Teams client is unavailable. You can choose to either failover a call to a VoIP phone or App or you can simply forward your calls to your mobile or another fixed line on any other network. This gives you the confidence that you will never miss an incoming call in the event of a problem with your Teams client.

Create Hybrid Solutions

You can mix your line types so you can have some users using Microsoft Teams, whilst other users may be on a regular VOIP handset. This can reduce your licensing costs by only purchasing licenses for those users who need Teams. Your mixture of Teams and Hero Cloud users can be part of a single calling group and can transfer calls between Teams and our Hero Cloud PBX platform using extension numbers.

Hero Cloud Integration

Add more value to your Microsoft Teams phone service and reduce additional Microsoft license costs by having some of the more advanced calling features operate in Hero's Cloud including features such as; Cloud Based Call Recording, Audio and Web Conferencing, Simultaneous Ring Groups, Auto Attendants, Hunt Groups, Call Screening, Call Parking, PIN Codes and our Fax to Email service.

Teams Capable Handsets

Hero can also provide "Teams Capable" handsets from Yealink including the T55A, T56A and T58A desk phones. These phones can fully integrate with your Microsoft Teams environment as well as providing the 'Twinning' functionality where they can operate as both a Teams client and a regular VoIP handset simultaneously. Hero also take care of the configuration of these phones with our auto-provisioning.

Great Value and no contracts

Unlike just about every other 'Teams' integration provider, Hero have no fixed term contracts or minimum user requirements. You can choose to move just 1 or 100's of users to the Hero Teams service and we have no minimum spend or contracts so you can cancel the service at any time. With our tiered pricing structure the more users you add to Teams through Hero - the lower the cost per user. See our pricing below.


  • Line Only

    No included minutes
  •  £ 3 + VAT/mth Per User (£3.60 inc. VAT)
  • Includes any phone number
  •   Pay as you go for calls.
    No minimum user requirement.
  • Add an account bundle to save***
  •   Calls From 1p/min +VAT 
  •   Unlimited inbound calls 
  • Signup
* Reasonable usage policy applies for Unlimited calling lines. Unlimited calling bundles are for standard 'person to person' calling. Unlimited calling is not to be used for outbound call centres, automatic dialers, continuous call forwarding or any other activity we consider to be unreasonable use. Excludes special numbers (directory assistance), premium numbers (e.g. 0900) and other international destinations not covered under the bundled minutes. For call centre customer, we have special calling bundles with attractive pricing plans. Please get in touch with us.
** Minutes include those countries listed in our bundled country minutes page and are subject to change.
*** Click here to view our account bundles which add calling minutes to the whole account instead of on a per line basis