X-Lite Installation and Setup

X-Lite is a FREE softphone which works well with the Hero service. You can also upgrade to the Counterpath Bria client for a more feature rich client.

Here is how to install the X-Lite client to work with Hero:

  • Download the X-Lite client for your operating system at http://www.counterpath.com/x-lite-download/
  • Follow the installation instructions and then setup your microphone/speaker device on Startup
  • Click on the Accounts tab
  • Enter the following details
    • Account name: Hero Account
    • User ID: your-phone-number (e.g. 092420000)
    • Domain: phone.herotel.uk
    • Password: your-password (i.e. your password entered when you signed up)
    • Display name: your-phone-number (or your actual name if you prefer)
    • Authorization name: your-phone-number (e.g. 092420000)
  • Click OK and then you should see your account created and a green light should appear in the Status column if the phone has registered successfully
  • Close the accounts window and X-Lite should be ready to start making and receiving calls

Having problems getting connected?

If you are having problems getting connected using X-Lite then the issue may be one of the following:

  • Your account is not activated or your password is incorrect. To check this login to the Hero Customer Portalwith the phone number and password you entered into X-Lite. If you can login then your details must be correct and your account is working
  • You may have a router or firewall device which is blocking or interfering with the SIP (VoIP traffic) used to connect to our service. One possible work-around is to go back into the Accounts section and in the Domain Proxy settings at the bottom of the page click on Proxy and then enter 'phone.herotel.uk:50600' as the Proxy address and then click OK.

If you are having problems please log a support ticket at https://portal.herotel.uk/whups for assistance.